If you are struggling to understand and cope with your child’s  behavior problems, then I want to show you just how to…

Easily and Quickly Discover Why You Are Having Problems With Your Children And What To Do About Child Behavior Problems!


Dear Frustrated Parent,

My name is Sandy and NO! you are not crazy and your child is not crazy!  I have been there.  I know what it is like to have problems with children.  The answers are right here for you.

Having children with behavior problems is incredibly exasperating.  It is aggravating for you for you, frustrating for the child, and annoying for anyone who has to interact with the child.

As I quickly discovered:  it is infuriating for everyone!  The maddening part, though, is not knowing why the child is acting the way he or she does. At least this was the most difficult part for me.


But Dealing With Difficult Children Does Not Have To Be So hard

You see, like any first time parent, I was excited, happy, and proud when my first son was born.  Shortly after his birth, I held him in my arms and looked into his precious blue eyes, knowing that he was the child of my dreams.

That was until we got home and he wouldn’t stop screaming. No matter what my husband and I tried, we could not get him to stop.

We took him to the doctor. He told us the child was normal. To be safe, he gave us medication to help with the problem.

By the time he was three years old, my son had seen more specialized doctors and psychiatrists than I had seen in my whole life. They had him on a variety of “helpful” medications. One of these “helpful” drugs even caused him to hallucinate!

He seemed like a bright child, being able to count to ten, backward and forwards, and do basic addition and subtraction before his first day of school.

He Had Behavior Problems In School Too…

He was a constant disruption in class, he argued with his teachers, he refused to do homework, and he just stopped caring about learning. He became more of a problem with other children and at home.

This led us to see even more specialists and more psychiatrists.

After a while, I had heard so many different diagnoses that my head was spinning! If there is one thing I learned about doctors, it is that they are very good at treating symptoms, but awful at coming up with a definite diagnosis.

After many years, they still did not have a definite reason for the way my son was acting.  They told me “He cannot be fixed” and “We’ve tried all the treatments we can.”

Behavioral Problems in Children Video

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Then they told me I needed to be a more effective parent. 

To Put It Lightly, This Upset Me!

I knew it was not my fault.  I also knew that it was not my son’s fault.

This is when I started doing research into childhood behavior problems at the local library. I also researched effective parenting skills and discovered that to have a happy child and, therefore, a happy family, I had to combine the two.  This was the only way I was going to stay sane and my son was going to get the help he deserved.

I also learned in depth, about problems and disorders such as…

…Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety Disorders, Aspergers Syndrome, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, Conduct Disorders, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Childhood Depression, and Tourettes Syndrome

Eventually I had a list of my son’s symptoms and matched them up with what I had learned.  I discovered that my son did not match exactly with any of these disorders.  This information was invaluable in my belief and understanding that there was nothing wrong with him after all.

Then I Started To Meet Other Parents With Difficult Children

They would explain their child’s behavior to me, and I could empathize and sympathize.  I could also offer suggestions and explanations to help them along the way.

In fact, it got to where I could ask a few questions about their child’s behavior and give them thorough and precise advice. I was happy to share my knowledge and my own experiences, especially if it meant that I was helping another suffering and frustrated family, much like my own.

One day, I came home from work, and I realized that I had amassed huge piles of notes on childhood behavior problems. And they were just sitting around in various areas within my house, unorganized and unused.

I started picking up and organizing the piles. Eventually, I had an enormous stack of notes, organized by disorder and syndrome. I found that I had notes on…

…the common signs and symptoms, explanations of causes, the most effective types of treatment offered, and parenting methods that are most effective…

…for each of a number of behavioral disorders in children.


I Realized I Needed to Help As Many Parents As Possible
After thinking long and hard about what a guide on behavioral problems in children would have been worth to me after all the pain and suffering my family went through,and all the hours I spent researching, and the money I spent on numerous doctors, I decided that it would have been …PRICELESS.

Fortunately for you, I understand your pains and frustrations, so I am offering my many hours of research and notes as an easy to use guide for only $14.95.


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Yes, if you don’t find anything useful in the book, even if you hate my writing style, I will give you a full refund.  There will be no hard feelings, I promise.

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Look after yourself and be safe,


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PS…If you still aren’t sure whether A Parent’s Guide to Behavioral Problems in Children will work for you, I want to let you know that my second son was diagnosed as being “slow”.  I knew this could not be true, so I used my extensive research to discover that he was, in fact, dyslexic. This turned out to be a treatable disorder and he, too, is now a grown and successful adult.

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PPPS.. If you still don’t believe me, then read what Cheryl Wright has to say about the guide:




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